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The following topics are defined for this manual but are not included in the list of topics: Widgets Bus API overview, Genesys Widgets Extensions
This manual is for version Current of Widgets.

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Article Description
Article Description
App Learn how to control your widgets.
CallUs Learn how to display an overlay screen showing one or more phone numbers for customer service, as well as the hours that this service is available in Genesys Cloud CX.
ChannelSelector Learn how to provide your customers with a configurable list of channels as an entry point for contacting customer service in Genesys Cloud CX.
Common Learn how to access Widgets utility functions and dynamically generate the common HTML containers used throughout Genesys Widgets.
Console Learn how to debug commands and events on the widget bus.
Engage Learn how to use the Genesys Multicloud CX plugin to integrate any Engage solution with Genesys Widgets.
Genesys Widgets Extensions Learn how to create your own plugins and widgets.
Overlay Learn how to use an overlay window control that widgets can inject their UI into.
SideBar Learn about the Sidebar widget, which customers use to launch other widgets with a single click.
Toaster Learn how to use a toast view control into which widgets can inject their UI.
WebChat Learn how to enable live chats between customers and agents in Genesys Cloud CX.
WebChatService Learn how to use Genesys chat services in Genesys Cloud CX.
Widgets Bus API overview Learn about the bus that all widgets components are built on.
WindowManager Learn how to use the WindowManager plugin, which provides a controller for several different types of window groups in Genesys Cloud CX.

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