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ID Title Product Category Subtitle
ID Title Product Category Subtitle
BO02 Genesys Work and Lead Distribution Digital Optimizing work distribution across the enterprise to deliver all promises on time
BO06 Genesys Predictive Routing for Customer Service Inbound Place CX and agent efficiency at the center of your routing decisions using AI to match each customer interaction with the best agent
CE01 Genesys Call Routing Inbound Route voice interactions to the best skilled resource
CE03 Genesys Callback Inbound Offer callback to queuing callers
CE07 Genesys Customer Authentication Self-Service and Automation Identify and verify customers in your IVR
CE08 Genesys Voice Payment Self-Service and Automation Capture payments in your IVR
CE11 Genesys Outbound Dialer Outbound Improve customer communications and increase sales conversion using powerful dialer capabilities
CE12 Genesys SMS Notification Outbound Use SMS and email to send personalized, timely and relevant notifications to customers.
CE13 Genesys Omnichannel Notifications Outbound Use multiple channels to notify customers
CE16 Genesys Email Routing Digital Route email interactions to the best skilled resource
CE18 Genesys Chat Routing Digital Route chat interactions to the best skilled resource
CE19 Genesys Social Media Routing Digital Engage with your customers through social channels
CE22 Genesys Digital Callback Digital Enable customers to request a callback from your website or app
CE27 Genesys Co-browse Digital Extend voice or chat interactions with co-browse
CE28 Genesys Knowledge Management Self-Service and Automation Offer FAQs to customers and a knowledge library to employees
CE29 Genesys SMS Routing Digital Route SMS interactions to the best resource
CE31 Genesys Chatbots Self-Service and Automation Use chatbots to automate customer conversations and seamlessly hand over to a live agent when needed.
CE34 Genesys Messaging Digital Offer a powerful new way for customers to connect with you directly in Messages
CE37 Genesys Predictive Engagement Digital Use AI powered journey analytics to observe website activity, predict visitor outcomes, and proactively engage with prospects and customers via agent-assisted chat, content offer or chatbot.
CE41 Genesys Voicebots Self-Service and Automation Use voicebots to automate customer conversations and seamlessly hand over to an agent if needed.
CE43 Genesys Personalized Routing with Callback Inbound Route voice interactions to the best skilled resource with personalization and callback option
EE12 Genesys Training and Activity Scheduling Workforce Engagement Manage training, coaching and offline activities scheduling across the workforce
EE21 Genesys IVR Recording Workforce Engagement Record the entire IVR interaction
EE27 Genesys WFM Third-Party Integration Workforce Engagement Enable bi-directional Integration of WFM with 3rd party systems
EE28 Genesys Task-based Scheduling Workforce Engagement Control the scheduling of the sequence of task agents work on
SL06 Genesys Predictive Routing for Sales Inbound Place revenue generation at the center of your routing decisions by using AI to match each customer opportunity with the best agent
WF01 Genesys Forecasting and Scheduling Workforce Engagement Optimize employee utilization and operational effectiveness by forecasting and scheduling for all omnichannel interactions while empowering staff through various scheduling techniques and empower employees with self-administration of their schedule.
WF02 Genesys Interaction Analytics Workforce Engagement Achieve deeper operational insights with speech and text analytics improving agent and customer experiences while enforcing compliance and legal responsibilities.
WF03 Genesys Speech Analytics Workforce Engagement Gain basic insight into voice interactions using speech analytics
WF04 Genesys Interaction Recording Workforce Engagement Record all interactions to improve training, compliance and efficiency.
WF05 Genesys Voice and Screen Recording Workforce Engagement Record voice and screen interactions
WF06 Genesys Quality Management Workforce Engagement Improve employee performance with quality management