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Learn how to get started with the Recording, QM, and Speech Analytics solution.

The Genesys Recording, QM and Speech Analytics solution leverages recorded customer interactions for review and analysis of critical business issues.

Designed to provide valuable voice interaction information in an intuitive and easy to use user interface, the solution allows you to uncover valuable insights about workforce performance and the customer experience that may be hidden within the agentā€customer interactions your organization records. It provides insight into the cause and effect relationships that influence business issues and contact center performance.

In addition, with the optional Quality Management (QM) add-on product, specific agent training requirements, compliance breaches or customer satisfaction issues can be assessed on a regular basis to improve agent performance and customer service delivery.

With the Speech Analytics add-on, you can analyze 100% of recordings to uncover why customers are contacting your company, what are their topics of conversation, why multiple contacts are needed to resolve specific issues, what processes cause customer frustration and whether your agents are providing an appropriate level of service.


SpeechMiner UI provides a single user interface (UI) across different products within the Genesys Workforce Optimization suite in Genesys Multicloud CX, including Interaction Recording, Quality Management and Speech Analytics, each product is sold separately. Interaction Recording is a pre-requisite, however, Quality Management and Speech Analytics can be added based on the specific needs of your business.

Screen recording is available only for voice interactions. Screen recording of chat and email interactions is not available.

The Genesys Recording, QM and Speech Analytics solution does not include:

  • Text Analytics
  • Access to SMART for Topics/Category creation
  • Export of transcripts or Analytics data
  • Distinct retention periods for Analytics and QM data; the retention period for all data is tied to the retention period of the underlying call recording

For additional information about the Genesys recording solution refer to:

How Recording, Quality Management and Speech Analytics works: The Recording, QM and Speech Analytics solution evaluates recorded customer interactions (from any recording system) for data about what is happening in your organization, and uncovers the cause and effect relationships that influence business issues and contact center performance.

Recording Certificate Management: The Genesys recording solution enables proper management of public and private keys used to encrypt voice and screen recordings.

Access control for Recording users: The Genesys recording solution applies access control to recordings.

Deploying the Screen Recording Service: The Screen Recording Service (SR Service) enables the Agent to capture what is happening on the screen at the time of an active voice interaction.

Recording Cloud Backup Service: The Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) allows you to make a backup copy of your Genesys Interaction Recording voice files (some or all) prior to their automated deletion as per the Cloud retention policy.

Access the application[edit source]

Genesys Portal Login Recording.png

Once your Genesys Multicloud CX environment is up and running and you've checked that you meet the necessary requirements, log in to your Genesys Portal to access Recording. Click the Recording icon and enter your username and password.

Multilingual support

SpeechMiner web application supports multiple languages. When you log into SpeechMiner, the web UI is displayed in a language that you selected in the browser. If you select an unsupported language in the browser, the SpeechMiner Web UI defaults to en-US.

SpeechMiner language support

SpeechMiner language recognition and user interface (UI) support is available for the following languages:

Language Recognition Support UI Support
Dutch - NL X Dutch - NL
English - USA X English - USA
English - UK X English - USA
English - Australia X English - USA
English - South African X English - USA
English - Indian X English - USA
French - Canadian X French - Canadian
Russian - Russia X Russian - Russia
Spanish - USA X Spanish - Mexican
Spanish - Columbian X Spanish - Mexican
Spanish - Mexican X Spanish - Mexican
Spanish - Spain X Spanish - Spain
German - Germany X German - Germany
Portuguese - Brazil X Portuguese - Brazil
Korean - Korea X Korean - Korea
French - France X French - France
Japanese - Japan X Japanese - Japan
Mandarin - China X Simplified Chinese (labeled as Mandarin)
Italian - Italy X Italian - Italy
Arabic - World Wide X Arabic - World Wide
Turkish - Turkey X Turkish - Turkey
Cantonese - Hong Kong X Traditional Chinese (labeled as Cantonese)

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