Genesys Recording, Quality Management, and Speech Analytics Administrator's Guide

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Article Description
Article Description
Access control for Recording users Each recording file is considered an object that is subject to access control at the user level. This page describes how to control user access.
Deploying the Screen Recording Service Genesys Interaction Recording (GIR) requires that a Screen Recording Service (SRS) be installed on each Agent's desktop. This page describes how to install the SRS.
Get started Learn how to get started with the Recording, QM, and Speech Analytics solution.
Recording certificate management The Genesys recording solution requires proper management of public and private keys used to encrypt voice and screen recordings. This page describes the process for generating and installing the public and private keys.
Recording Cloud Backup Service The Recording Cloud Backup Service (RCBS) allows you to make a backup copy of your Genesys Interaction Recording voice and/or screen recording files prior to their automated deletion. This page describes how to set up the RCBS.

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