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This manual is for version Current of eServices Manager.

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Article Description
Article Description
Plan and build a Category Tree Plan and build a category tree to provide the hierarchy for your standard responses.
Create a Standard Response Create standard responses that agents can use as automatic replies to emails, chats, social engagement, and SMS.
Using Formulas in Field Codes View formula usage in field codes.
Field Code Examples View examples of the use of field codes.
Create and Insert Field Codes Learn how to create field codes and include them in your standard responses.
Field Codes Create a wide range of field code types, which you can use to customize the standard response sent to a particular customer.
Managing and working with objects Learn how to manage and work with eServices Manager objects such as categories, standard responses, field codes, and screening rules.
Screening rules Screening rules enable you to analyze messages so that you can decide how to handle them. This page describes screening rules and provides examples for common purposes.
Screening Rule reference View the functions, arguments, and regular expressions that you can use in screening rules, and how they operate to screen messages.
Create and test screening rules Create, manage, and test screening rules that you can use to screen messages.
Field Code Variables Learn how you can use system variables, custom variables, and your own data in standard responses.

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