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This topic is part of the manual Cloud Basics for Administrators for version Current of Administrator.

The Portal is the Engage cloud gateway application, where you can launch applications and find help.

Use your browser to access the Genesys Portal landing page. The application icons you see depend on your role.

You can find all of your company's Genesys applications in the All Apps tab. Apps for agents and supervisors, such as Agent Workspace, Workforce Management, and Reporting, appear under the User tab.

View Documentation and eLearning from the Help (Active Circle Question.png) menu, located in the upper right corner of Genesys Portal.

All Apps

The All Apps tab contains all the available applications for all applicable roles.


The User tab includes the applications for agents and supervisors.


The Administration tab includes applications for administrators and developers.


The Support tab offers access to Genesys Customer Care and Training.
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