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Learn about the APIs you can use to customize your applications and integrate with Genesys.

APIs in Genesys Engage cloud fall under two categories: Web APIs that your web application accesses through Genesys Engage cloud and JavaScript APIs that you install in a location your web application can access.

Authentication API

Provides OAuth2 authentication and authorization.

CX Contact Service API

Create and manage outbound campaigns, import and work with contact lists, and enable compliance rules.

Consumer Messaging API

Create a session, send and fetch messages, and manage participants.

Data Download Service API

Securely export your contact center data.

Engagement API

Manage callbacks, query availability, estimated wait times, and create call-in requests.

Intelligent Workload Distribution API

Create, update, delete or find workitems that come from third-party applications.

Provisioning API

Configure your Genesys environment, create users, and retrieve configuration data.

Statistics API

Subscribe to statistics and get notifications when they change.

Task Routing API

Submit workitems to Genesys from third-party applications.

Workspace API

Manage agent state, access to voice and chat channels, and supervisor monitoring.

Service Client API

Extend the UI integration when Agent Desktop is configured to embed other web client business applications.


A collection of JavaScript APIs that provide UIs (and their supporting services) you can use in your own web applications. For example, chat and co-browse.

Web APIs

Web APIs are documented on the Genesys Engage cloud Developer Center, where you can find reference information, tutorials and samples. Genesys recommends that you are familiar with OAuth 2 - Genesys Engage cloud web APIs implement this standard for secure authentication and support the Authorization Code Grant type. Check out the Authentication API for details.

See below for a complete list of web APIs and links to related documentation.

JavaScript APIs[ | edit source]

Documentation for our JavaScript libraries is on this site and includes reference information, as well as how to download and get started with the APIs. See the sections below for details.

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