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July 1, 2021 December 31, 2021 View View Digital Channels

What's changing?

On December 31st, 2021, the legacy Cloud Contact Center Chat solution within Genesys Multicloud CX was deprecated.

Genesys introduced Advanced Chat in 2019. It is now the default chat solution for Genesys Multicloud CX, with richer features, functionality, scalability and stability.  As such, Genesys deprecated the legacy Cloud Contact Center Chat service based on Chat Server and Genesys Mobile Services (GMS) in Genesys Multicloud CX. Customers must upgrade to Advanced Chat before December 31st, 2021, to avoid any interruption to their web chat and mobile chat services.

Genesys re-architected our Chat platform for scale, simplicity and speed of innovation. Genesys Advanced Chat includes access to better features and functionality. Chat conversations are now asynchronous by default, and the same conversation model is applicable across Chat, SMS, Social and Messaging channels for ease of use by contact center agents. We are now using the newer Genesys Web Services (GWS) and Genesys Engagement Services (GES) instead of the older Genesys Mobile Services (GMS).

By upgrading to Advanced Chat, Genesys Multicloud CX customers benefit from the latest features and innovations, including the following:

  • Asynchronous, long-lived chat conversations
  • API to enable chat within the customer's mobile application
  • API to enable customized chat widget for web/mobile web channel
  • Rich media (currently emojis and images, with more capabilities planned)
  • Agent-initiated outbound chat messages
  • Chatbots*
  • Predictive Engagement*
  • Access to chat surveys in Designer
  • Improved stability and resilience
  • Faster access to new capabilities

* additional license required.

Am I affected?

This deprecation affects you if you use web or mobile chat services based on Genesys Chat Server and Genesys Mobile Services (GMS).  If your Service Order with Genesys lists "Cloud Contact Center Chat", you will need to update that line item with "Advanced Chat" upon your next contract renewal.

How can I prepare for this deprecation?

Contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss the plan for your upgrade.  Genesys will provision Advanced Chat to your Engage Cloud deployment, enable Designer for “Advanced Chat mode”, and provide you with the new Chat API URL and API key.  You will need to publish a new Designer application and update Genesys Widgets on your website to use the new chat endpoint.  We recommend using a hidden page for testing purposes. Once you are satisfied everything is working as expected and you’ve notified your agents of the changes they’ll see in Workspace, you would then update your Widgets across your website, and publish the new Designer application to start using Advanced Chat.  Genesys will then remove legacy Contact Center Chat from your tenant.

What if I need help or have questions?

If you need help or have questions about this migration, reach out to your Customer Success Manager (Genesys Advisor) or contact Genesys Customer Care (My Support).

Contact My Support.

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