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Restart Kafka Clusters

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This topic is part of the manual GDL Deployment Guide for version 9.0 of Genesys Data Layer.

How to restart Kafka clusters?

Stop Kafka Clusters

To stop the clusters gracefully, type the following commands in command prompt.

  1. Press Ctrl+C.(The clusters shutdowns in a sequential order to complete the process)
  2. sudo halt (To exit as a super user)
  3. vagrant halt (To halt the virtual machine)
  4. exit

Restart Kafka Clusters

To restart the full cluster (3 Zookeepers + 3 Kafka layers + 1 Management API), follow the below steps.

  1. Launch Command Prompt as administrator.
  2. Change the directory to Vagrant folder. (E.g C:\HashiCorp\Vagrant\GDL)
  3. vagrant up
  4. vagrant ssh
  5. sudo su
  6. cd /Shared
  7. docker image/load -i IP_GDL_900_ENU_DockerLinux.tar
  8. sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose-cluster-full.yml up

Kafka clusters starts running at the end of this step.