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GDL Deployment Guide

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The following topics are defined for this manual but are not included in the list of topics: About this guide
This manual is for version 9.0 of Genesys Data Layer.

Search the table of all articles in this guide, listed in alphabetical order, to find the article you need.

Article Description
Article Description
Deployment Guide Genesys Data Layer Lab Version.
Access Docker Container Accessing Docker Container
Access Log Files Debugging log files for troubleshooting.
Configure Producer and Consumer Config Configuring client side ports to access Kafka layers.
Deploy Kafka Clusters Deployment of GDL clusters in Docker environment.
Docker Ready Environment Docker Setup Instructions
Environment Variables Environment variables in GDL
Installing Genesys Data Layer Installation steps from Installation Package (IP) files.
Life Cycle of Docker Container Life cycle of Docker Containers
Overview Overview about Genesys Data Layer
Prerequisites Prerequisities for GDL
Prepare for Operating System Detailed Instructions to set up CentOS/7 in Windows 10 Environment
Preparing to Install Genesys Data Layer Hardware requirements for Installing Genesys Data Layer.
Restart Kafka Clusters How to restart Kafka clusters?
Verify GDL Docker Container Verification steps for GDL Docker.

Genesys Data Layer Lab Version.

Deployment Guide Overview

Welcome to the The Genesys Data Layer (GDL) deployment guide. This document introduces you to configuration, installation, setup, and start procedures involved in the setup of Genesys Data Layer. It lists the procedures involved in setting up the operating system (CentOS/7 through Windows 10), setting up the Docker ready environments, and deploying the GDL component through Docker containers.

This document is valid only for the 9.0.0 release of GDL. The deployment steps described in this guide is only for a lab environment and not suitable for production deployments.

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