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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Authentication Private Edition Guide for version Current of Genesys Authentication.

Find the metrics Environment Service exposes and the alerts defined for Environment Service.

Service CRD or annotations? Port Endpoint/Selector Metrics update interval
Environment Service Annotations 8081 /prometheus Real-time

Metrics[edit source]

Environment Service exposes many Genesys-defined as well as system metrics. You can query Prometheus directly to see all the available metrics. The metrics documented on this page are likely to be particularly useful. Genesys does not commit to maintain other currently available Environment Service metrics not documented on this page.

The following system metrics are likely to be most relevant:

  • api_requests_seconds_count_total
  • api_requests_seconds_sum_total
  • jvm_threads_deadlocked
  • jvm_gc_pause_seconds_count
  • jetty_threads_current
  • jvm_memory_used_bytes
Metric and description Metric details Indicator of

Total count of HTTP responses with the specified code.

Unit: Number

Type: Counter

  • Code - The HTTP response code, such as 500, 502, or 401.
  • Group - The group of the HTTP code, such as 4xx or 5xx.

Sample value: 23


Alerts[edit source]

No alerts are defined for Genesys Authentication.

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