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WebChat can display rich messages, which enable a more interactive digital experience with your customers. Quick replies help your customers quickly respond without having to type.

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Quick Replies

Quick Replies in Genesys Multicloud CX are only supported in bots. Agents cannot currently use them.
The WebChat Widget displays the DTMF Key prompts as quick reply buttons. Quick Replies offer the customer a choice of responses to the last chatbot message in the transcript. Tapping or clicking one of these Quick Replies posts that reply to the bot as a text message, which saves the customer from having to type a response manually.

Quick Replies are flexible. A chatbot can provide context-sensitive replies that aid in making a selection. Examples include polite responses (such as OK, No, thank you, or Booking or Cancel), numeric responses, or the ability to choose a set of preset time slots. For more information, refer to Menu Block in the Designer User's Guide.

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