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Improve quality of agent handling of interactions by deriving insights from interaction recording along with recorded desktop activity, quality evaluations and post-interaction survey.

What's the challenge?

Contact centers today are required to record & retain customer interactions across channels. They also need to record agent desktop activity during interactions to meet performance requirements and gain insights to agent performance and compliance. Contact centers need an easy to use interface for evaluating the quality of specific interactions and identify opportunities for improvement. Contact centers also need an integrated survey solution

What's the solution?

Genesys Cloud records and retains 100% of customer interactions, to meet regulatory requirements. Recording the agent desktop activity provides further insight to help assess effectiveness of agents in addressing customer needs. Genesys Quality Evaluation includes evaluation forms for use with recorded interactions. Quality Evaluation results enable contact centers to analyze performance. Genesys post-interaction Survey is built in to the platform.

Story and Business Context

The success of a contact center hinges on its ability to achieve consistently high levels of quality, maintain compliance, and provide a high-quality experience to customers. Further, Quality evaluators, Quality administrators, and Quality managers need an efficient set of tools and automated processes that work together to ensure that all interactions are handled effectively and efficiently. To achieve this, Contact centers need systems that provide the functionalities to monitor, record, and evaluate the quality of customer interactions on all communication channels, record agent desktop activity while handling interactions and obtain customer satisfaction feedback through surveys upon conclusion of their interaction with the contact center.

Businesses must evaluate the quality of their interactions to identify opportunities for improvement, but it’s not efficient to evaluate every interaction. There is a need to distinguish important from routine interactions and then generate the results in a consistent and automated manner. Also company's need to prevent risk arising out of lack of compliance and loss of valuable information that could be used to improve efficiency and make customers happier.

Contact centers need the ability to offer post-interaction surveys to customers after any type of interaction, not just calls. Customers use several different channels to communicate with businesses, however the level of satisfaction can vary based on the channel. Contact centers need built in survey solutions, that allow them to gain insight into customer satisfaction/experience regardless of the channel used, while providing visibility to other related contact center metrics.

Genesys Cloud's interaction recording reliably records 100 percent of voice and digital interactions and makes it easy to search for and access recordings. Genesys Multi monitor screen recording enables capturing of the agent desktop activity for up to four monitors while handling ACD interactions.

Genesys Cloud's Speech and text analytics is a set of features that provide automated speech and text analytics capabilities on 100 percent of interactions to provide deep insight into customer-agent conversations. For voice interaction, speech and text analytics provides automated transcription and employs speech-to-phrase grammar-based recognition. Along with non-linguistic analysis of recordings, speech and text analytics creates meaning from otherwise unstructured data.

Genesys Cloud's Quality Evaluation feature includes flexible evaluation forms for use with any recorded interaction. The evaluation workflow provides both automated and ad hoc assignment, easy access to results and scheduling for ad hoc coaching. Quality Evaluation results enable contact centers to analyze performance for continuous agent improvement and improved customer experience.

Genesys Cloud's survey is built in to the platform and is used to offer a survey to customers after any media type interaction - call, email, chat, and messaging. The survey includes an easy to use flexible form builder with multiple question types for a standard post-interaction satisfaction survey or a post-interaction NPS survey. Genesys sends the survey to the customer via email with a web link to the survey.

Organizations use these tools and their data to fulfill key use cases around agent performance improvement (for example, decrease AHT, increase FCR, sales conversion, compliance, and customer satisfaction). Having the right set of tools to improve employee culture, technology and operations is essential to plan and execute strategies that bring contact center quality to new heights.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Agent Competency Quality evaluation criteria sets a clear performance standard for agents handling of customer interactions. Further, Quality evaluation process allows agents to review their recorded interactions and quality evaluations to identify their areas of improvement.
Improved Employee Productivity Take advantage of the Quality evaluation criteria to create targeted evaluations to identify keys to successful sales and improve agent productivity
Improved Insights and Visibility Genesys Cloud Speech and Text analytics enables transcription of Voice interactions to gather insights into conversations.
Improved Insights and Visibility Use recordings of interactions and agent desktop, the quality evaluation process and post-interaction survey results to gain insight to quality, process, and procedural improvements.
Improved Net Promoter Score Improve the efficiency of agents with insights from recordings, survey, and quality assessments to enable systematic improvement of NPS.
Reduced Customer Churn Use post interaction surveys for all media type interactions to gain insight to customer perceptions, expectations and loyalty drivers.
Reduced IT Operational Costs Lower total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware, software and the associated maintenance and support services through an integrated approach with GenesysCloud
Reduced Penalties and Fines Use Quality evaluation to define critical compliance requirements. Use recording of all interactions along with agent screen activity along to support compliance and regulatory requirements.


Genesys Cloud Quality Assurance and Compliance is a set of tools and automated processes that are built to help contact centers ensure that interactions are handled effectively and efficiently.

Organizations must evaluate and improve the quality of the interactions that their employees have with their customers and prospects. The Quality Management module helps organizations improve the quality and efficiency of agent performance which can improve customer satisfaction.

This use case includes overall multichannel (voice and digital) capabilities for interaction recording, agent desktop screen recording (multi monitor), interaction quality evaluation, ad hoc coaching, and post-interaction surveys. These key capabilities provide an effective method for defining desired agent behaviors, acknowledging and reinforcing those behaviors and identifying areas of performance improvement. These features also allow customers to verify that their agents are adhering to critical regulatory and compliance.

Genesys Cloud Quality Assurance and Compliance provides visibility on the agent activity to understand:

  • Why certain types of interactions (voice or digital) take longer to handle than others
  • How well the agent understands the applications and processes
  • Identify which issues are related to agent problems and which to system/ workflow issues
  • Agent's handling of multiple overlapping interactions
  • Agent access to unauthorized activity
  • Adherence to compliance requirements/regulations
  • Impact to customer satisfaction

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

(1) Overall Quality Management Process

Business Flow Description Overall Quality Management Process

  1. Policies are created to manage the action to be taken on interactions. These actions include delete, retain, archive, export, initiate screen recording, assign for evaluation or calibration, initiate a survey, transcribe audio.
    1. If the Policy action is to Delete the recording - no other actions can be applied to the interaction.
  2. When an interaction ends policy actions are applied.
  3. If policy includes Screen recording - a separate recording for screen activity is available and plays in sync with the interaction recording.
  4. If policy includes audio transcription then audio is transcribed. Otherwise audio is not transcribed.
  5. If assigned for evaluation - Evaluators receive a notice of assigned evaluations/calibrations
    1. Evaluator completes evaluation
      1. If assigned for agent evaluation - agent receives a notice when there is completed evaluation available for them to review and optionally comment. Agents can view all of their evaluations through Performance > My Performance > Evaluations.
      2. Supervisors can view performance of their agents through Performance > Agents > Evaluations tab
      3. If assigned for Calibration - Evaluators receive notice of assigned Calibration. Evaluators complete the calibration
        1. Quality Administrator accesses results to compare scoring variations between evaluators
  6. If the evaluator assigns a survey - customer receives survey invitation via email with the survey link - data results will be available on all completed surveys and linked to the interaction
  7. Quality and Survey results are linked to recorded interaction and viewed on Interaction Detail. Summary result views provide scoring results and can export for reporting needs.
  8. Supervisor/ Evaluator schedules Agent Coaching session.

Business Flow

(2) Voice and Digital Recording

Business Flow Description

  1. Quality Management uses policies to manage all ACD recordings. Policies define the criteria that Genesys Cloud uses to determine which interaction recordings to retain, archive, delete, export, initiate screen recording, assign for evaluation, and/or calibration, and initiate surveys.
  2. Customer contacts one of the service lines of the company.
  3. For Voice channel, Genesys Cloud IVR (Optionally) plays an announcement that the call is going to be recorded.
    1. If Configured for Consent Option - The customer chooses whether to give consent to the recording. For more information about enabling participant recording, see About recording in Genesys Cloud and Enable line recording.
      1. If the customer gives consent, Genesys Cloud will record the call.
      2. If the customer does not give consent, Genesys Cloud does not start recording the call.
  4. Voice -The call is handled and routed to an agent following the logic of the Inbound Voice distribution strategy which is implemented for the Service Line. For more information, see [[UseCases/Current/GenesysCloud/CE01|]]. The Inbound Voice routing strategy is not within the scope of this use case.
  5. Agent answers the call from any desk within the site.
    1. The agent may (if enabled) pause or resume the recording manually via the standard script ability when the agent needs to enter sensitive data.
  6. For all Digital routing information, visit the Digital use cases. The routing strategy for chat, email, and messaging is not within the scope of this use case.
  7. Customer or Agent disconnects the interaction.
  8. Genesys Cloud stops and Policy actions are applied to the interaction.
  9. Recordings are available for use in the Quality Evaluation, Calibration, and Survey Process

Business Flow

(3) Screen Recording

Business Flow Description

  1. Add screen recording to a recording policy as one of your actions for any available interaction channel.
  2. In the recording policy, define the length of retention for screen recording.
  3. The customer makes contact on one of the available interaction channels.
  4. The recording begins. If a matching policy exists, recording begins and is retained.
  5. The agent or API can pause or resume recording.
  6. The conversation ends and streams are synchronized.
  7. The retained recordings are stored.
  8. The supervisor can search for or locate the interaction recording and play it, along with the screen recording of the desktop activity.
  9. Use screen recording along with interaction recording to assess agent performance, training needs, and contact center process improvement opportunities.

Business Flow

(4) Quality Evaluation

Business Flow Description

  1. Set up users. Genesys Cloud administrator sets up user roles and a related set of permissions. Standard users include:
    • Quality Admin
    • Evaluator
  2. The Quality admin creates evaluation forms to define key elements of agent behaviors needed to meet contact center business and customer requirements. The form includes:
    • Evaluation form name
    • Question groups
    • Question group weighting (default is even weighting – weights can be adjusted and will always auto balance to equal 100%)
    • Question group properties (NA enabled, default to highest scoring or NA)
    • Questions
      • Question types (template, multiple choices, range, yes/no)
      • Question properties (NA enabled, critical and/or fatal, visibility conditions, comments required)
      • Question Value (numeric whole numbers)
    • Quality admin selects form to publish to make it available for use in assigning evaluations.
  3. Evaluation/Calibration Planning. The Quality admin adds evaluation criteria to recording policies for contact center agent groups or individual agents. The Quality admin sets policy actions to assign interactions randomly to evaluators, including criteria such as number of interactions to be scored per month/week/day. Tasks include:
    • Select interaction type and criteria
    • Select forms
    • Select evaluators
    • Select for agent evaluation or for calibration
    • Optionally: An evaluator with assignment permission selects from list of interactions and assign evaluation to self or to other evaluator.
  4. The evaluator is notified of assigned evaluations. The evaluator proceeds with the reviews for their assigned agents. Genesys Cloud evaluator dashboard provides insight to assigned and completed evaluations.
  5. The evaluator releases the evaluation for agent to review. Agent receives notification of completed evaluation available for their review.
  6. Agent accesses quality results in the Genesys Cloud ->Performance-> My Performance-> Evaluations tab
    1. Agent checks off acknowledgment they reviewed evaluation and can add any comments.
    2. If agent requests further review - Quality administrator or Evaluator can review and rescore the interaction.
      1. Agent receives notification of rescored evaluation available for their review and same steps as above.

Business Flow

(5) Post Interaction Survey

Business Flow Description

  1. Create the Survey Form.
  2. Create a survey Canned Response for Get External Contact.
  3. In Architect, create a Survey Invite Flow.
  4. Create a survey policy action to deploy the survey.
  5. The customer receives survey invitation via email that includes a web link to the survey.
  6. Survey results are received and viewable in Genesys Cloud:
    • View on the interaction
    • Survey Summary view
    • Survey Details view
    • Add survey data to Queues Performance view

Business Flow

(6) Voice Transcription

Business Flow Description

  1. Voice Interaction is recorded in Genesys Cloud.
  2. Genesys Cloud invokes the Voice transcription functionality based on policy
  3. Audio is transcribed to text.
  4. Words and phrases in transcribed texts are automatically clustered in terms of frequency and changes in frequency.
  5. Users can add annotations the interaction
  6. Users can play back interactions and read contents of transcription.

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