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This topic is part of the manual Genesys Cloud CX Use Cases for version Current of Genesys Use Cases.

This page lists all Genesys Cloud CX use cases and their mandatory / Optional interdependencies as well as any exceptions which they cannot be implemented with.

Use CaseAll of the following required:At least one of the following required:OptionalCannot be implemented with the following:

Genesys Work Automation (BO01)

Genesys Customer Authentication (CE07)

Genesys Voice Payment (CE08)

Genesys IVR Personalization (CE09)

Genesys Outbound Dialer (CE11)

Genesys SMS & Email Notifications (CE12)

Genesys Email Routing (CE16)

Genesys Chat Routing (CE18)

Genesys Co-browse (CE27)

Genesys SMS Routing (CE29)

Genesys Chatbots (CE31)

Genesys Messaging (CE34)

Genesys Predictive Engagement (CE37)

Genesys Voicebots (CE41)

Genesys Personalized Routing with Callback (CE43)

Genesys Agent Assist (EE31)

Genesys Business Communications (OP01)

Genesys CRM Collaboration (OP02)

Genesys Voice Services (OP04)

Genesys UCC Third-Party Integration (OP07)

Quality Assurance and Compliance (WE01)

Resource Management (WE02)

Employee Performance (WE03)

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