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Enhance routing capabilities and drive agent screenpops using Genesys Cloud Data Actions

What's the challenge?

CRM information and the contact center traditionally been silo'ed, but they don't have to be. The contact center can leverage integrations to the CRM to provide a superior customer experience and more efficient handling of calls through improved routing decisions and the surfacing of critical context to the agent as the call is delivered to them.

What's the solution?

Using information stored in the CRM regarding your customer and their prior interactions with your business can be used to great effect by the Contact Center. Data enabling your IVR allows for the customer experience to be more personalized, addressing the caller by name and confirming critical information prior to reaching an agent. Lastly, the information gathered from the CRM can be surfaced directly to the agent.

Story and Business Context

CRMs and the contact center often coexist, serving as complimentary pieces to the customer ewxperience puzzle. The contact center can use information stored in the CRM about your customer and their prior interactions with your business to provide a more personalized, meaningful, and effective customer experience. Data enable your IVR to make the customer experience more personalized, addressing the caller by name and confirming critical information before they ever reach an agent. This data can also be used to make advanced routing decisions, steering the customer to the appropriate queue to handle their inquiry, selecting the appropriate skills an agent in that queue should have to properly handle this inquiry, and providing the ACD engine all the facets it should consider when making a routing determination. Lastly, the information gathered from the CRM can be surfaced directly to the agent when they receive the call so they have all the necessary context they need to quickly and efficiently handle the call.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Net Promoter Score Personalize IVR experience and improve routing efficiency creating an improved overall customer experience
Reduced Handle Time Reduced handle times by providing critical interaction context directly to the agent screen


All of these benefits converge to allow agents to handle more interactions quickly and to better effect. This creates a better customer experience while simultaneously saving you money.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description

Business Flow Description

  1. Call enters the IVR.
  2. Based on the customer's phone number, the data action searches for records in the CRM.
    • 2a Caller is identified. CRM record types can include contacts, accounts, cases, custom objects, etc.
    • 2b Caller is not identified. If the caller is not identified based on phone number, the customer can be prompted for other identifying information to locate the contact.
  3. Caller is addressed by name.
  4. Key information from the CRM record is used to make routing decisions and select the appropriate queue.
    • Examples: Subscription level, priority account, products purchased, and NPS.
  5. Information from CRM record is used to set up to five skills required to handle the interaction.
    • Examples: Language, product knowledge, and account retention specialty.
  6. Reference to the CRM record is attached to the interaction using a Set Participant Data action.
  7. The ACD system routes to the available agent with the designated skills in the selected queue.
  8. Agent is presented with the call in a client embedded inside their CRM.
    • Alerting call includes information the agent needs to begin the conversation.
      • Examples: Queue call in on, skills on the interaction, subscription level.
  9. The agent answers call using client embedded inside the CRM.
  10. The embedded client performs screenpop to the CRM record used in the IVR.

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