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Route voice interactions to the best skilled resource with personalization and callback option

What's the challenge?

When customers call you, they want to speak with someone familiar with your company, and someone that can quickly address their needs. If they encounter long wait times or connect to agents who lack the proper information, then calls can transfer more often, hold times increase, and the customer experiences unnecessary repetition. Any of these factors can result in a poor customer experience.

What's the solution?

Proactively address the needs of your customers when they call into your contact center, which helps drive a greater customer experience. Recognize repeat customers and route calls to either the last agent they spoke with, or to the best-skilled agents that can more effectively help address their needs. If no agents are available to address their needs appropriately, let them know their expected wait time, and offer a callback option.

Story and Business Context

Organizations want to provide an exceptional customer and sales service experience by reducing transfers, hold time, and frustration from repeated customer interaction with your company. Advanced routing capabilities improve efficiency and reduce hold times by sending interactions to the right agent using skills-based routing, preferred agent routing, and in-queue callbacks. The easy-to-deploy routing application contains flexible business logic and configuration options required to direct calls to the best-fit agent based on the type of request and customer context. When companies enable call routing within their Genesys environments, benefits can include:

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Occupancy Ensure that more informed agents can handle customer inquiries more quickly, which enables them to handle more calls effectively and efficiently.
Improved Net Promoter Score Improve the customer experience by proactively addressing the needs of the caller. Find the agents most familiar with the customers needs, or someone who has worked with the customer in the past.
Increased Revenue Ensure that the best and most skilled agents handle calls matched to their strength increases the opportunity to close a sale or upsell other products, which can lead to increased revenue.
Reduced Handle Time Reduce costs and deliver exceptional customer experience by routing customers to the most appropriately skilled agents who can handle their queries more efficiently.
Reduced Interaction Abandonment Provide clear wait times and callback options to decrease abandonment.
Reduced Transfers Reduce the number of transfers with context-based routing which finds the best agents first.
Reduced Volume of Interactions Decrease in inbound calls from individual callers repeatedly trying to initiate contact.


Creating a great experience for the customers and prospects that call into your contact center is paramount to creating long-lasting business relationships. The experience starts when callers encounter your IVR, where you present them with simple options to identify themselves or self-serve to reduce their time on the phone and help inform the system to make the best routing decision. Use the ACD routing tools to look up the caller’s phone number or account number and personalize the messaging customers hear or even route them to the last agent with which they interacted. If not enough agents exist to respond to callers in a timely manner, Genesys Cloud can automatically expand the pool of available agents to answer the call more quickly and present relevant content about the caller to an agent. Genesys Cloud can also offer a callback option for customers to save their place in line until an agent becomes available and can call them back.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

The following flow describes the use case from the perspective of the customer and the contact center agent and provides a high-level view of the basic flow. The detailed description of the underlying call flow is described in Chapter “Distribution Logic”.

Business Flow Description

1 The customer calls one of the contact center numbers.
2 If a personalized flow is configured, the customer optionally routes to it.
3 Depending on the date and time, the caller routed according to predefined announcements and schedules. These announcements are based on the customer context. For example, quality announcements or special promotions and offers for the customer, announcements for potential self-service options. The caller is then directed to:
a. Holiday announcements and routing.
b. After hours announcements and routing.
c. Emergency announcements and routing.
4 The open hours messages play and the caller routes to an IVR menu.
5 The caller selects a topic or option from the IVR menu. If agents are available, they can then route to a callback flow or Expected Wait Time (EWT) flow.
6 The call is distributed to the best agent who:
  • Has the base skill(s) to handle the original request
  • Has the supplementary skill(s) determined by the customer context (optional).
  • A cascading mechanism enlarges the potential agent pool by suppressing the supplementary skill and / or reducing the skill level on the base skill if the call cannot be distributed within specific timeouts.
7 After the conversation with the customer, the agent records the disposition of the call for reporting purposes.

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