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Offer callback to queuing callers

What's the challenge?

When callers wait in long queues, customer frustration with your brand goes up right along with your abandonment rate. However, always keeping staff at peak performance level is costly and inefficient. You need a way to distribute calls during peak times to meet your service levels and keep callers happy.

What's the solution?

An alternative to waiting on hold can make the difference in a customer’s experience. After a threshold of time, give callers the wait time and the option of receiving a callback. Now you can deliver higher customer satisfaction without maintaining a peak-level staff.

Story and Business Context

No one likes to wait on hold. If the system detects an excessive wait time for a caller in a queue, the system offers the caller the option to request a callback. This functional use case enables companies to improve customer experience by improving in-queue treatment (Genesys Call Routing (CE01) for GenesysCloud) with configurable wait time announcements and callback offers. When companies enable callbacks within their Genesys environments, benefits can include:

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Net Promoter Score Improve customer satisfaction by announcing wait time and offering callbacks when appropriate
Reduced Handle Time Reduce overall handle time in addition to customer hold time and associated telephony costs
Reduced Interaction Abandonment Provide clear wait times and callback options to decrease abandonment
Reduced Volume of Interactions Decrease in inbound calls from individual callers repeatedly trying to initiate contact


When a customer is waiting to speak to an agent, and the expected wait time to reach an appropriate agent is above a specified threshold, they will be presented with the option to receive a callback - either as soon as possible or at a scheduled future time. Different treatment can be applied and a different message presented based on the length of the wait. The wait time thresholds can be specified by the business and quickly adjusted if required.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description 1.1 - A customer calls a service line of the company. As described in Genesys Call Routing (CE01) for GenesysCloud, Genesys Cloud transfers the call to a queue.

1.2 - The customer waits for an agent with the requested skills. There are two configurable, messaging-related thresholds: Medium Wait Time and Long Wait Time. If the wait time is below these thresholds, the system transfers the call to the appropriate queue to wait for an agent with the requested skills.

1.3 - If the wait time is above these thresholds, the system plays the appropriate wait time announcement to the caller. The system may repeat the announcement, depending on the amount of time the call stays in the queue. The announcement is either a generic announcement, or the estimated wait time rounded in minutes.

1.4 - After the announcements, the system offers the option for a callback to the customer.

1.5 - If the customer does not accept the callback, the call continues to wait in the queue. If the customer accepts the callback, the system registers the callback.

Business Flow

Register Callback

Business Flow Description 2.1- Genesys Cloud asks the customer to verify the phone number for the callback.

2.2 - If the phone number is correct, Genesys Cloud registers the callback request in the same queue as the original conversation and ends the call. The callback replaces the original call and maintains the caller's position in the queue.

2.3 - If the phone number is not correct, Genesys Cloud asks the customer to enter an alternate callback number.

2.4 - The caller enters the callback number.

2.5 - Genesys Cloud registers the callback request in the same queue as the original conversation and ends the call. The callback replaces the original call and maintains the caller's position in the queue.

Business Flow


Business Flow Description 3.1 - Genesys Cloud assigns the callback interaction to an agent in the queue.

3.2 - The agent receives the callback interaction, reviews the information, and manually calls the customer.

3.3 - If the customer answers the call, the agent and the customer are connected.

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