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Information about setting up and using accessibility features in Agent Workspace.

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Accessibility compliance

Genesys provides a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template® - VPAT® report from ITI, to document conformance of Genesys Workspace Web Edition Agent Workspace to WCAG 2.1 Level AA specification. The VPAT® report is a standardized template for documenting conformance to various accessibility specifications. VPAT® report provided by Genesys follows the W3C/WAI’s WCAG 2.1 specification, as this is an international standard adopted and recognized by our customers worldwide. The Genesys VPAT® can be downloaded here: Genesys Accessibility Conformance Report WCAG Edition.

Agent Workspace navigation support

Agent Workspace provides agents with keyboard navigation features that enable both manual keyboard navigation and accessibility devices to use the application.

Text spacing override in Agent Workspace

Agent Workspace supports WCAG 2.1 Success Criterion 1.4.12 for text spacing overrides. Overrides are commonly applied by a user style sheet, bookmarklet, browser extension, or application. Agent Workspace supports the following overrides without loss of legibility due to truncation or superimposition:

  • The line height is adjustable to 1.5 times the font size.
  • The space between two paragraphs is adjustable to 2 times the font size.
  • The letter spacing is adjustable to 0.12 times the font size.
  • The word spacing between words is adjustable to 0.16 times the font size.

If you choose to apply a style sheet to override the default text spacing, the following CSS provides the maximum values that can be applied to the text:

* {
      line-height: 1.5!important;
      word-spacing: .16em !important;
p {
      margin-bottom: 2em!important;

You can apply the CSS by using a browser plugin/extension such as Stylish, Stylus, or Custom Style Script. You can also use a bookmarklet, such as the CodePen text spacing bookmarklet.

If you apply the maximum spacing overrides, Genesys assumes that the browser zoom is set to 100% and that browser font scaling has not been increased.

Note: WWE VPAT includes GPlus SFDC Adapter because it uses the WWE UI, which already complies with WCAG AA guidelines.

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