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See the latest alerts and other important product information related to Workforce Management.

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  • Google Chrome version 45 ends support for Java Plug-ins—WFM Web will no longer work with Chrome v45 and later, due to Chrome's end of support for Java Plug-ins. If you are running WFM Web on Chrome v45 or later, Genesys recommends you use either Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Limitation for WFM Web in Google Chrome Stable Channel update version 42—By default, this browser version blocks the Java plug-in with no pop-up or other indication.
    Workforce Management supports Chrome, which means, in WFM Web, attempts to invoke Java applet subsystems prompts a message (after a long delay) that Java is not detected.

    Starting with Chrome version 42, an additional configuration step is required to continue using NPAPI plug-ins.

    To enable NPAPI in Chrome Version 42 and later
    1. In your URL bar, enter: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi.
    2. Click the Enable link for the Enable NPAPI configuration option.
    3. Click the Relaunch button that appears at the bottom of the Configuration page.

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