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This topic is part of the manual Service Client API Reference for version Current of Developer.

Learn about the Agent namespace methods and type definitions in the Service Client API.


The Agent namespace includes the following methods:


Signature <static> get() → {agent.Agent}
Description Gets the agent's attributes.
Returns agent.Agent


Signature <static> getState() → {media.State}
Description Gets the agent's state.
Returns media.State


Signature <static> getStateList() → {Array.<media.State>}
Description Gets the list of possible agent states.
Returns Array.<media.State>


Signature <static> setState(stateOperationName)
Description Sets the agent's state.
Name Type Description
stateOperationName string An operationName from the agent states list. See State.

Type definitions

The agent namespace includes the following object types:


Description Represents the JSON structure of the agent.
Type Object
Name Type Description
employeeId string The agent's unique identifier used for routing purposes.
firstname string The agent's first name.
lastname string The agent's last name.
username string The agent's username. This is a global unique ID.