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This article lists the features and functionality that Genesys has removed from Genesys Multicloud CX or will deprecate in a future update. Development and support for each item discontinues on the designated removal date.

Click in the table below to learn more about each feature deprecation. Below the table, review the list of frequently asked questions.

Feature or service Announcement date Deprecation date
Genesys Co-browse January 19, 2022 January 31, 2024

Genesys Multicloud CX Deprecations FAQs

What is Genesys deprecation policy for Genesys Multicloud CX offering?

For a complete Genesys End-of-Life Policy and process, including Genesys Multicloud CX deprecations, refer to Genesys Multicloud CX & PureConnect Lifecycle Policy.

Why does Genesys deprecate features and functionality?

Maintaining multiple versions of the same functionality impacts our ability to provide the most value to as many customers as possible.

What happens when Genesys announces a deprecation?

A feature deprecation signifies that Genesys will cease enhancements or improvements to what is being deprecated. Our intention is to let you know as early as possible that we are making a change, and to help you if you are impacted by that change.

How much notice will Genesys give for deprecations?

There will be a minimum of 6 months from the day of announcement before the feature or functionality is retired. There can be circumstances requiring the accelerated retirement of functionality:

  • Essential Changes: These represent changes necessary to ensure the integrity of our services, and therefore need to occur as quickly as possible. In these situations, customer communications will be issued with as much advance notice as possible.
  • Third-party Software: Features and functionalities integrated with third-party software may need to be retired due to the third-party vendor making their piece of the integration unavailable. In these situations, the timing and pace of the retirement is determined by the third-party vendor, and customer communications will be issued with as much advance notice as possible.

Is there a way I can keep the old feature or functionality?

No. Once the deprecation date is reached, the feature will be removed.

What communication will Genesys give for deprecation?

Genesys Advisors and/or Account Managers will communicate deprecations. Deprecation notifications will be posted here on the Genesys Multicloud CX documentation site and will be communicated via in-product messaging when appropriate.

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