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Use this Excel workbook to calculate the hardware requirements needed to handle your expected user load.

Before deploying Genesys Designer to your production site, you should estimate the hardware requirements needed to handle your expected user load. Genesys recommends using the Designer Sizing Calculator, an Excel workbook that helps you calculate the hardware requirement for both Designer and Designer Application Server (DAS), for your production deployment.

Right-click here to download the Designer Sizing Calculator.

Estimating Load

The Designer Sizing Calculator has four tabs.

  • The first tab takes the peak number of caps, the maximum number of simultaneous application users, and the application complexity as inputs to arrive at the recommended optimum count of Designer and DAS nodes. If you select the application complexity as Custom, you must manually provide the value for the other application complexity parameters.
  • The second tab in the calculator provides the recommended hardware configuration for Designer and DAS.
  • The third tab provides DAS load calculation data.
  • The fourth tab has base values that are used in the formulae for the auto-calculated fields.
Do not edit any of the fields that have formulae in them. These values are calculated automatically based on the other values you provide in the specific input fields.
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