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Learn about the icons that could appear on the visitor journey map.

About the icons

Each icon represents a type of activity that occurred during a particular session. The position of the icon on the journey map indicates the order in which the activity occurred.

Following are the types of icons that could appear:

Web chat icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Chat offered Genesys Predictive Engagement offered a chat to the user.
Cjv-webchat-accept.png Chat accepted User accepted the offer to chat.
Cjv-webchat-submitted.png Chat form completed User completed the form to request a chat.
Cjv-webchat-rejected.png Chat rejected User rejected the offer to chat.
Chat timed out Offer to chat timed out before the user responded.
Chat ignored User left the website before responding to the chat offer.
Chat error Chat experienced an error.

Content offer icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Content offer offered Genesys Predictive Engagement presented a content offer to the user.
Content offer accepted User accepted the content offer.
Content offer ignored User left the website before responding to the content offer.

Form-related icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Cjv-form-submitted´╗┐.png Form submitted User submitted a form.
Cjv-form-abandon´╗┐.png Form abandoned User abandoned the form before completing it.

Journey shaping icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Cjv outcome-achieved.png
Outcome achieved User achieved one of your outcomes.
Segment matched User matched one of your segments. The color of the icon matches the color of the corresponding segment.

Miscellaneous icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Cjv-search.png Searched User searched for something on your site.
Default Event.png
Default Default icon used when no other icon is applicable.

Custom event icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Delivery Delivery event occurred.
Cc-finance.invoice.png Invoice Invoice event occurred.
Application Application-related event occurred.
Contract Contract event occurred.
Default Event.png
Default Event Default icon used for a custom event when no other icon is applicable.

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