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This topic is part of the manual Altocloud Agent's Guide for version Current of Altocloud.

Feature coming soon!Learn about the icons that Genesys Cloud agents see when they review the customer journey map for a user.

About the icons


Each icon represents a type of activity that occurred during a particular session. The position of the icon on the journey map indicates when the user completed the activity.

Journey map icon descriptions:

Call icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Agent inbound-call.png Inbound call A user called an agent.
Agent Outbound-call.png Outbound call An agent called a user.
link= connected.png Call connected The call between the agent and user connected.
link= scheduled.png Call scheduled A user scheduled a call.
link= wrap up.png Call wrap-up The agent assigned a wrap-up code to the call.

Chat icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Agent Chat offered.png
Chat offered Altocloud offered a chat to the user.
link= 197 Chat accepted.png Chat accepted The user accepted the offer to chat.
link= form complete.png Chat form completed The user requested a chat.
link= Chat rejected.png Chat rejected The user rejected the offer to chat.
link= timed out.png
Chat timed out The offer to chat timed out before the user responded.
link= ignored.png
Chat ignored The user left the website before responding to the chat offer.

Content offer icons

Feature coming soon
Icon Tooltip Description
Agent Content offer offered.png
Content offer offered Altocloud presented a content offer to the user.
link= offer accepted.png
Content offer accepted The user accepted the content offer.
link= offer rejected.png
Content offer rejected The user rejected the content offer.
Agent Content offer timed out.png
Content offer timed out The content offer timed out before the user responded.
Agent Content offer ignored.png
Content offer ignored The user left the website before responding to the content offer.

Form-related icons

Icon Tooltip Description
link= form submitted.png Form submitted The user submitted a form.
link= form started.png Form started The user started completing a form.
Agent Form abandoned.png Form abandoned The user navigated away from a form before completing it.

Purchase-related icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Product added to cart.png
Product added to cart The user added a product to their shopping cart.
Product removed from cart.png
Product removed from cart The user removed a product from their shopping cart.
Checkout successful.png Checkout complete The user completed the checkout transaction.

Journey shaping icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Agent Outcome achieved.png
Outcome achieved The user achieved one of your outcomes.
link= match circle.png
Segment matched The user matched one of your segments. The color of the icon matches the color of the corresponding segment.

Miscellaneous icons

Icon Tooltip Description
Page viewed.png
Page viewed The user viewed the page.
Search.png Searched The user searched for something on your site.
Default This icon is used for events that do not have an icon.
Error This icon appears when an error occurs.
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