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Watch videos about Genesys Dialog Engine

Create a Bot

Dialog Engine can integrate with call flow design tools like Genesys Intelligent Automation, Genesys Architect, and Genesys Designer.

Let's say that you're the manager of a restaurant and you want a bot that can help you with table reservations. Your restaurant has three different eating areas and the bot should be able to handle reservations and cancellations for those areas.

In this video, we will create a bot that we can use to integrate with other products. Once we have a bot ready, we can use this bot with our call flows.

Knowledge Bots

Dialog Engine allows using a set of predefined questions and answers or FAQs to respond to queries.

You can create a Knowledge Bot that relies on this knowledge to answer queries. Read more about Adding Knowledge to your bot.

Feature: Intent Disambiguation

The Intent Disambiguation option, when enabled, presents a list of intents to the user when the utterance is matched with multiple intents. Read more about Intent Disambiguation.
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