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This is the Cargo template to store index content. Content does not display directly on table pages, because display and formatting is controlled by Template:PDMIndexQuery, which is called by Template:PDMTable (for Library books) and Template:PDMTablePageFormat (for customer-facing pages).


  • Some parameters are leftovers from earlier GIM implementations and are no longer used in queries.
  • The original DPL version of the PDM documentation used a PDMIndex template as a wrapper for index content on table pages in the Library book. Calls to this template are in the PDM markup throughout the reporting suite, but they do nothing. This dummy template has not been re-created in MintyDocs.

Usage[edit source]

Call this template in the following format:

|indexName = 
|indexDesc = 
|indexPresentInPartitioned = 
|indexKey = ''Alternatively, if there are multiple keys in the index, indexKey1, indexKey2, etc.''
|keyPresentInNonpartitioned = ''if multiple keys, keyPresentInNonpartitioned1, keyPresentInNonpartitioned2, etc.''
|sort = ''if multiple keys, sort1, sort2, etc.''
|unique = 
|cluster =

This template defines the table "PDMIndexItem". View table.

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