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Template wrapper for column content on table pages in the Library book. This template does not need to display column content on the page, because display and formatting is controlled by Template:PDMColumnQuery, the query called by Template:PDMTable (for Library books) and Template:PDMTablePageFormat (for customer-facing pages).

This template has been modified from the one originally developed for Ponydocs. Since it no longer needs to cover ICON, some parameters fall away.

Usage[edit source]

Call this template in the following format:

|colName = 
|dataType_Ora =
|dataType_MSSQL = 
|dataType_Postgre = 
|primaryKey = 
|mandatory =
|foreignKey = 
|default =
|colDesc = 
|introduced = 
|modified = 
|discontinued = 
|KVP = 
|xpath = 
|mandatoryForGIM = 

This template defines the table "PDMColumn". View table.

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