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Component RN Definition[edit source]

Component Genesys Web Services and Applications
Deployment Type Private Edition
Release Number (Change release number)
Release Type
Highlight Updates to the container base image and resolved issues.
Boilerplate(s) Used
Release Date 2023-05-25
Private Edition Release Date 2023-05-25
Mixed Mode Release ReleaseDate
Private Edition Containers List
JQL labels = GWSMay25
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Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
GAPI-37294 Resolved Issue The GWS Workspace service now tries to rejoin the Chat session multiple times (up to 5 attempts with...
GAPI-35068 Resolved Issue API clients are now cleaned up and unregistered from Interaction Server after they got inactive and ...
GAPI-32066 Resolved Issue The Provisioning API's bulk import now supports a dedicated Use WebRTC column to control corre...
GAPI-36444 Resolved Issue Agents can now view all chats in applications that rely on Workspace API including Workspace Web Age...
GAPI-37462 Known Issue Agents might not be able to login to all digital media channels (chat, email, workitem, and so on.) ...
GAPI-37347 Private Edition Updated the third-party dependencies as part of an ongoing security best practice.
GAPI-37300 Private Edition Workspace Web Edition now uploads attachments with the MSG file extension for emails. To configure t...
GAPI-36904 Private Edition Improved delivering of unsolicited events from Interaction Server. Previously, some events might not...
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