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Component RN Definition[edit source]

Component Digital Channels
Deployment Type Genesys CX on AWS, Genesys CX on Azure, Private Edition
Release Number (Change release number)
Release Type
Highlight Security improvements as well as resolved issues related to contact subscriptions, nicknames, and image attachments.
Boilerplate(s) Used
Release Date 2023-05-10
Private Edition Release Date 2023-05-23
Mixed Mode Release ReleaseDate
Private Edition Containers List
Links Links to customer-facing pages in use:
Test Links Links to test pages (for RN Admins only)

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Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
NEXUS-10472 NEXUS-9624, NEXUS-10472 New Security, observability, and resiliency improvements.
NEXUS-10310 NEXUS-10785, NEXUS-10310 Resolved Issue Previously, in some Digital Channels sessions, the agent could not resume the conversation in the se...
NEXUS-10779 Resolved Issue Previously, in some chat sessions, agents could not upload and send JPEG attachments. This issue is ...
NEXUS-10748 Resolved Issue Status check marks indicating that a message is sent, delivered, and read is now shown for messages ...
NEXUS-10707 Resolved Issue In some cases, an agent who had already unsubscribed from a contact was receiving both the Show/Dism...
NEXUS-10667 Resolved Issue If a chat session is created with only a nickname provided, the session uses the nickname as the con...
NEXUS-9851 Resolved Issue Previously, the connection between Digital Channels and the agent desktop could stop working if the ...
NEXUS-8693 Resolved Issue Previously, if an agent unsubscribed from a contact after a Twitter or Facebook public interaction, ...
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