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Component RN Definition[edit source]

Component Designer
Deployment Type Private Edition, Genesys CX on Azure
Release Number (Change release number)
Release Type
Highlight Support for arbitrary UIDs in private edition deployments on OpenShift.
Boilerplate(s) Used
Release Date 2021-08-27
Private Edition Release Date 2021-08-31
Mixed Mode Release ReleaseDate
Private Edition Containers List
  • designer:
  • designer-100.0.122+1401.tgz
JQL project = DES and fixVersion ~ "9.0.122*" AND labels in (rn)
Links Links to customer-facing pages in use:
Test Links Links to test pages (for RN Admins only)

Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
DES-11772 New The Data Table block has a new setting called Strict comparisons. When enabled, Designer...
DES-11760 New The Bot block can now optionally send events to DialogFlow ES bots if a No Input scenari...
DES-11699 New The Terminate Call block now correctly sets the reasons for termination. Previously, the inter...
DES-10749 New The Send Chat Transcript block now works with Engage cloud Email.
DES-11781 New A new option called Use JSON format is added to the Route Call, Route Agent and ...
DES-11846 Resolved Issue On the Media Resources page, the Last Published column now correctly displays only the t...
DES-10227 Resolved Issue Agent routing now works correctly if the agent has a '@' character in its name.
DES-10539 Resolved Issue The TTS fallback text set in announcements now plays using the voice specified in the active Persona...
DES-11763 Resolved Issue Digital applications now send an interaction back to the Intelligent Workload Distribution (IWD) Big...
DES-11827 Resolved Issue The Start Treatment block now sets the values for variables correctly. Previously, in certain ...
Known Issue The following features or functionality are not supported for Azure hosted deployments:
  • Standard r...
DES-11899 Private Edition Designer now supports the use of arbitrary, or random, user IDs (UIDs) in OpenShift.
  • The Dockerfil...
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