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Component RN Definition[edit source]

Component CX Contact
Deployment Type Genesys CX on AWS
Release Number (Change release number)
Release Type
Highlight This release contains new features, improvements, and fixes.
Boilerplate(s) Used
Release Date 2023-02-24
Private Edition Release Date
Mixed Mode Release ReleaseDate
Private Edition Containers List
JQL issue in (CLOUDCON-16938, CLOUDCON-16936, CLOUDCON-17299, CLOUDCON-17489, CLOUDCON-17487, CLOUDCON-17468, CLOUDCON-17452, CLOUDCON-17378, CLOUDCON-17377, CLOUDCON-17326, CLOUDCON-17297, CLOUDCON-17235, CLOUDCON-17025, CLOUDCON-17009, CLOUDCON-16979, CLOUDCON-16958, CLOUDCON-15018, CLOUDCON-17287)
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Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
CLOUDCON-16936 New CX Contact now supports an Use RAW format (Advanced) property in Email Variable Content.
CLOUDCON-16938 New CX Contact now supports Plain Text and Multi-Part Email content types.
CLOUDCON-17299 New Do Not Contact Dates are now partition-specific.
CLOUDCON-17287 Resolved Issue CX Contact now sends the Test SMS with the Sender ID defined in the respective Variable SMS Conte...
CLOUDCON-15018 Resolved Issue When using Consent Lists, the Suppression & Consent List Search for records in Suppression lists, da...
CLOUDCON-16958 Resolved Issue The Send Campaign Group automation job now supports trigger rules with the Automation Job Completed ...
CLOUDCON-16979 Resolved Issue The Attempt Rules now correctly display the time zone source setting when the Count Attempts Betw...
CLOUDCON-17009 Resolved Issue The incorrect SMS notification message that appears when editing email templates has been removed.
CLOUDCON-17025 Resolved Issue When the Campaign Dashboard Lists/ Filtered statistic is updated to reflect when the Device Es...
CLOUDCON-17235 Resolved Issue A warning message, "Warning! The Partitioning will be disabled/enabled!" is now displayed to ver...
CLOUDCON-17489 Resolved Issue SMS content no longer adds a space before and after the label names in the Content section.
CLOUDCON-17297 Resolved Issue The extended Campaign Group status is displayed when Alt is pressed and when hovering o...
CLOUDCON-17326 Resolved Issue When creating new email dialing profiles, multiple email contents can be created and saved. Earlier,...
CLOUDCON-17377 Resolved Issue When running a contact trace, the error that occurred when running the trace on the Device Field...
CLOUDCON-17378 Resolved Issue The issue with email campaign templates not saved when HTML was used has been resolved.
CLOUDCON-17452 Resolved Issue CX Contact now displays logged in user in a standard First Name Last Name format.
CLOUDCON-17468 Resolved Issue CX Contact now properly handles schedules that reference deleted or non-existent campaign groups.
CLOUDCON-17487 Resolved Issue The error that appeared when when editing an email campaign group and applying the change for the s...
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