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Component RN Definition[edit source]

Component Agent Setup
Deployment Type hosted AWS, hosted Azure
Release Number (Change release number)
Release Type
Highlight This release contains important improvements and fixes.
Release Date 2021-07-22
Private Edition Release Date
Mixed Mode Release ReleaseDate
Private Edition Containers List
JQL project = "Web Services and Applications" AND labels = AS-Jul21-Upgrade AND key != GAPI-28270 AND "Release Note" is not EMPTY
Links Links to customer-facing pages in use:
Test Links Links to test pages (for RN Admins only)

Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
GAPI-28830 Resolved Issue Added a new validation into the Edit User form for identifying whitespace characters. Edit agents
GAPI-28798 Resolved Issue Now, Agent options are properly synched with Agent Group options. Previously, in certain scenarios, ... Agent groups
GAPI-28710 Resolved Issue Added a new value, First Name Last Initial ($Agent.FirstNameLastInitial$), to the ch... Chat channel options
GAPI-28596 Resolved Issue Now, when all action codes are manually selected together, Agent Desktop properly displays all optio... Create and manage custom agent states
GAPI-27992 Resolved Issue Fixed an issue where the SIP Phone Type would not update if there were discrepancies in any ma... SIP Phone Types
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