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Component RN Definition[edit source]

Component Agent Desktop
Deployment Type Genesys CX on AWS, Genesys CX on Azure
Release Number (Change release number)
Release Type
Highlight *Updated: 06/01/22 to include GAPI-31259
  • The Interaction notification and Team Communicator Recents list now displays the contact name and the number of missed calls from the contact.
  • Updated information for the resolved issue GAPI-32533.
Release Date 2022-03-22
Private Edition Release Date
Mixed Mode Release ReleaseDate
Private Edition Containers List
JQL labels = "wwe-march-22"
Links Links to customer-facing pages in use:
Test Links Links to test pages (for RN Admins only)

Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
Issue Issue Category Description SupportingDocumentation
GAPI-33291 New To be complaint with WCAG 2.1 level AA, the contrast ratio of the placeholder text in the Search...
GAPI-32949 New For environments using browser-based WebRTC, agents who are on a consultation call can now mute and ...
GAPI-32268 New If the contact name is available in the SIP header and is not present in the Contact Directory...
GAPI-30936 New When displaying interactions in the Details tab of the History view, Workspace now only ...
GAPI-31259 New Update: Agent Desktop now supports CX Contact labels for user-defined fields.
GAPI-33561 Resolved Issue When the Pending State feature is configured, the After Call Work (ACW) duration displayed in ...
GAPI-33258 Resolved Issue Changing the phone type from WebRTC to Generic in Agent Setup no longer prevents agents ...
GAPI-32533 Resolved Issue Workspace now correctly handles URLs set in an application running in an iframe in INTERNAL and BACK...
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