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Genesys is reducing the number of outcomes that an organization can have to 10.

Announcement date Effective date
April 21, 2021 June 14, 2021

What does this mean?

Starting on June 14, 2021, administrators can no longer create more than 10 outcomes in Predictive Engagement.

Am I affected?

If you are a Genesys Predictive Engagement customer, this change affects you.

How can I prepare for this change?

If you are close to 10 outcomes, review how you are using outcomes to see whether you can improve them. Remember, outcomes should reflect business goals that you want to maximize or minimize. Check whether a segment is more appropriate for what you're trying to achieve. There is a much higher limit on the number of segments that you can have as these do not require machine learning resources to predict how likely each visitor is to match them.

What if I need help or have questions?

Please reach out to your local Genesys representative.

Contact My Support.

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