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Altocloud integrates with Genesys to initiate web chats with website visitors.

About the integration

Altocloud uses Genesys Widgets to start predictive engagement web chats with website visitors.


In order for Altocloud to start web chats, you must configure Genesys Widgets on the host website. For more information about Genesys Widgets, see Genesys Widgets.

Updates to the userData object

For each engagement that Altocloud triggers, Altocloud adds the following properties to the widget's userData object. The userData object allows Altocloud to render journey-specific user interfaces on an agent's desktop.

Property Name Description
_actActionMapId The Altocloud Action Map ID for the engagement
_actCustomerId The Altocloud ID value for the visitor to the site
_actCustomerIdType The Altocloud ID type of Customer ID
_actVisitId The Altocloud Visit ID of the current web session
_target The suggested target expression exposed to routing logic downstream
isProactive Flag which identifies the engagement as an Altocloud engagement
If the host site contains a property with a similar name, the Altocloud value overwrites it.
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