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Announcement date Deprecation date Associated product deprecations
September 12, 2019 October 16, 2019 View

Genesys will remove the Smart Tags feature in the Predictive Engagement platform. After the deprecation, any Smart Tags that were created for use in the Predictive Engagement platform will no longer function.

What does this mean?

Between the announcement date and end of support it will still be possible to access and edit existing Smart Tags, which will continue to work.

Am I affected?

This end of feature has an impact if there are Smart Tags configured on your Predictive Engagement platform, and Smart Tags have been used to instrument Predictive Engagement functions. This does not impact new customers. Going forward, we recommend that you use one of the following tag managers to deploy the Predictive Engagement tracking snippet:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe Launch
  • Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager
  • Tealium

In many cases, these tag managers provide predefined tags that allow you to easily customize the Predictive Engagement tracking snippet.

How can I prepare for this deprecation?

Perform an audit of the Smart Tags defined in your Genesys Predictive Engagement portal.

Work with your Genesys representative to determine how you can use predefined tags from your tag manager system instead.

As necessary, migrate your Smart Tags to be custom tags in your tag manager.

What if I need help or have questions?

Please reach out to your local Genesys representative.

What if I need help or have questions?

Contact My Support.

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