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Announcement date Deprecation date Associated product deprecations
June 30, 2021 August 11, 2021 View

Starting on August 11, 2021, users can no longer access the Journey Reporting Service endpoints. Users of these endpoints must migrate to the Analytics API endpoint:

  • POST /journey/reports/aggregates/query => POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query
  • POST /journey/reports/aggregates/frequent => POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query

Am I affected?

If you are a Genesys Predictive Engagement customer and you are not using the Analytics API endpoint currently, this change affects you.

How can I prepare for this deprecation?

If you are using the Analytics API endpoint already, ensure that the /journey/reports/aggregates/query and /journey/reports/aggregates/frequent endpoints are not in use.

The following changes are behind a feature toggle on the Predictive Engagement frontend to allow for testing and safe deployment:

  • There is no zero-padding; you need to implement it.
  • The JSON query and response structure is different when querying for frequent values. It is now the same as querying for a regular count, and the frequent values need parsed out from the "group" in the returned JSON response. For example, "group" : { "journeyDeviceType": "Apple"  }.

Migrate from POST /journey/reports/aggregates/query to POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query

The POST /journey/reports/aggregates/query endpoint queried the Analytics API and zero-padded any missing data that was returned. When migrating to the Analytics API endpoint, you need to implement this zero padding functionality.

Migrate from POST /journey/reports/aggregates/frequent to POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query

The POST /journey/reports/aggregates/frequent endpoint queried for a cached list of frequent values and used this list as dimensions for which to query Analytics API. With the POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query endpoint, you can query Analytics API directly with a groupBy of the same value used to query the frequent value endpoint. This query returns a sorted list of each dimension and its count.


The POST /analytics/journeys/aggregates/query endpoint requires the analytics:journeyAggregate:view permission. The predictiveEngagement product has this permission already. For users who have the journey-report-view permission but not the predictiveEngagement product, add the analytics:journeyAggregate:view permission to their user account.

What if I need help or have questions?

Please reach out to your local Genesys representative.

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