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Genesys is reducing the data retention period for journey history in Genesys Predictive Engagement from 365 days to 60 days.

Announcement date Effective date
February 17, 2021 May 26, 2021

What does this mean?

Starting on May 26, 2021, web sessions, detailed event history, outcome score predictions, and segment assignments are no longer accessible from Genesys APIs 60 days after a web session occurs.

Am I affected?

If you are a Genesys Predictive Engagement customer using the agent's journey visualization feature, this change affects you.

  • Direct API access will return "404 Not found" error codes for requests greater than 60 days.
  • In the agent desktop, session cards will not show for web sessions older than 60 days.

How can I prepare for this change?

You may need to update agent training content to reflect the the reduction of journey history from 365 days to 60 days.

What if I need help or have questions?

Please reach out to your local Genesys representative.

Contact My Support.

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