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Monitor customer and agent conversations to provide the agent with contextually relevant suggestions.

What's the challenge?

Many customers prefer to use self-service options. But when they need to speak to someone, they expect that person to know all about their journey and how best to help them in real-time.

What's the solution?

Provide live transcripts of the conversation, and relevant real-time knowledge suggestions on the agent's omnichannel desktop.

Story and Business Context

A positive customer experience relies on the ability of the company or provider to answer a customer's request, provide excellent service and deliver on the requested outcome. Contact centers are often the single point of contact for customers and it is critical that these interactions are properly and effectively handled. Agents need to navigate a plethora of systems and resources to find answers and resolve customer inquiries - time that could be better spent on activities that improve customer service or sales outcome.

With Agent Assist, companies can rely on the power of Artificial Intelligence to display a real-time transcription of the voice call and present relevant and timely suggestions to the agent. The agent spends time assisting the customer based on the suggested results, rather than digging for information across the various systems. An agent may provide feedback (in the form of marking the suggestion as Relevant or Irrelevant) on the suggestions returned by Google CCAI to improve the knowledge base for future use.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Occupancy Agents are trained in real time through a constantly evolving knowledge base.
Improved Employee Satisfaction Agents tackle more complex business inquiries with AI assistance.
Improved First Contact Resolution Present relevant suggestions in real-time to help the agent resolve the customer's inquiry.
Reduced Handle Time By empowering agents to more effectively provide answers, customers enjoy a quicker, more positive experience.


During a call between a customer and an agent, relevant, real-time suggestions are presented to the agent in their agent desktop, to assist them on the job. Contextually relevant knowledge suggestions, such as answers to frequently asked questions are presented to the agent in real time. The knowledge empowers the agent, provides the right information at the right time, and enables the agent to provide better support to a customer.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Proactive Knowledge Surfacing

Business Flow Description

  1. Genesys connects the customer to the live agent
  2. Agent sees the context (for example bot intents and slots) of the customer's journey in the agent desktop
  3. Genesys Agent Assist monitors the voice conversation
  4. During the voice conversation, the following happens:
    • Real-time audio of the voice interaction is streamed to Google Agent Assist service
    • Real-time transcription of the voice call is displayed in agent desktop
    • Google Agent Assist service returns real-time knowledge suggestions
    • The suggested content is displayed to the agent automatically in a live stream of suggestions during the conversation
  5. The agent can do the following with the live stream of suggestions:
    • Click to expand the suggested content, or click the address to open the full knowledge article (BL1)
    • Read the suggested content directly to the customer, or use it to assist with the interaction (BL2)
    • Share the recommended content, by email, SMS, WhatsApp, or other channels*
  6. Agent can rate (upvote/downvote) to improve the AI suggestions model over time. The more that Agent Assist is used and content rated by agents, the better the suggestions will be in the future. (BL3, BL4)

* Sharing content - future.

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