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Route chat interactions to the best skilled resource

What's the challenge?

When customers can’t find the answers they need on your website, they want to speak with someone who answer their questions in real time. Online consumers prefer web chat over other channels of communication. Failure to offer a live chat option results in lost sales and lower customer experience scores.

What's the solution?

With just a single click, Genesys Chat Routing provides your digital customers immediate access to live help. And because Genesys Chat uses skills-based routing, chat requests can be intelligently routed to the individual best equipped to help.

Story and Business Context

Communication between businesses and consumers is changing at a rapid pace. When it comes to interacting with businesses, consumers want to connect like they connect with their friends and family. With this solution we support Asynchronous by default where the interactions are long-lived and improve Agent Handle Time, Agent utilization and consumer satisfaction.

Use Case Benefits

Use Case Benefits Explanation
Improved Employee Occupancy Improved agent occupancy due to Asynchronous and long-lived Chat Sessions.
Improved Net Promoter Score Consumers can connect with businesses on their own terms and continue the interaction whenever they have free time. It can lead to improved NPS by reducing the load on customers.
Increased Revenue Increased Revenue by routing revenue-generating opportunities to best resources through skill-based routing.
Reduced Administration Costs In Asynchronous chat, the interaction is not real time. This provides a great opportunity to defer chat responses to less busy times - decreasing peak staffing requirements.
Reduced Handle Time In single view, agent will be able to see the entire chat session history before picking the chat and can be well aware about the context of the support request. This can save great time for agents.


The Consumer can request a Chat Session with an agent from the enterprise’s Web / Mobile Channel. The request is routed to the best available agent depending on the URL (Page Title) and the Agent Skill. The Chat Session is Asynchronous by default and long-lived. During non-business hours the Chat interaction is placed in parking queue and pulled back and placed in regular queue during business hours.

Use Case Definition

Business Flow

Business Flow Description 1. The User requests to Chat with a live agent using Web / Mobile Channel.

2. Genesys System checks whether User has any previous Chat Session which are active

a. If user has previous Chat Session active then we restart the prior Asynchronous chat Session which is still active and not ended

b. if user does not have any previous chat session active then it continues to next step

3. User inputs the required Contact Information via form to initiate the chat. Attributes which are captured in the form are First Name, Last Name, Nickname, Subject and Email Address.

4. Check whether User provides required contact Information in the form

a. if User does not provide contact information then No Contact will be created for Chat. Anonymous Chat Session will be created and no transcript will be saved or e-mailed to the User.

b. If User provides the required contact information then check whether User contact exists in the contact history.

i. If no contact exists with e-mail ID specified, Genesys System will create a new contact. The Chat Session will be associated to new contact and the Chat transcript will be stored under new contact which was created.

ii. if contact exists with e-mail id specified, then check whether we have any Chat Session still exists for the contact. If the Chat Session exists then restart the prior Asynchronous Chat Session. If the Chat Session does not exists then create new Chat Session and associate it with the contact

5. In the scenario where Chat Session exists and it is been restarted

a. Check whether any interaction exists under the Chat Session

i. If there is no interaction exists then create new interaction and associate with current Chat Session

ii. If interaction exists then continue associating with the same interaction

6. In the scenario of new Chat Session then create new interaction and associate the interaction with new Chat Session

7. The Chat window will pop-up

8. Genesys System will check whether Office Hours definition exists.

a. If Office Hours definition does not exist then continue with Step 9.

b. If Office Hours definition exist, then check whether office is open. If Office is open then continue with Step 9. If Office is not open then follow the below steps.

i. Genesys System will send the message defined in ‘OfficeClosed_Message’ available from Data Table. If no message defined in ‘OfficeClosed_Message’ then Genesys System will send the standard Office closed message “Welcome to Genesys Chat!. Our Apologies, we are closed at this time. Please leave your message our Agents will get back during Office Open Hours”.

ii. Place the interaction in Parking Queue with the time frame defined to pull the interaction from the parking queue

iii. Pull the interaction from the parking queue during the time frame defined (When the Office Hour Opens)

iv. Re-route the interaction back to Regular Queue

9. Genesys System will read the title of the page ‘_genesys_pageTitle’ from where the Chat is initiated.

10. Genesys System will check whether any skill expression matches to the Page Title.

a. If skill expression exists for Page Title, then it will read the skill expression

b. If no skill expression exists for Page Title, then it will take any skill set

11. The Customer receives a welcome message which is defined in ‘Welcome_Message’ available in the data table. If no message defined in the ‘Welcome_Message’ then Genesys System will send the standard welcome message “Welcome to Genesys Chat! Please leave your message our Agents will connect with you shortly”.

12. Genesys System tries to find an agent with the skill level matching the skill expression for 120 seconds.

a. If no agent found with the matching skill expression, then Genesys System changes the skill level to any skill level.

b. After attempting to find agent with any skill level. If Genesys System was not able to find an agent with any skill level before specific timeout. The interaction is routed back to Regular Queue again to find the right agent.

13. Genesys System is able to find the agent with the right skill level which matches the skill expression.

a. When the agent becomes available, the chat request will be routed to the agent.

b. The agent can either accept or ignore the Chat interaction

c. If the agent does not accept the interaction, then the system will attempt to route it to another agent after a specific time out.

d. If the agent accepts the Chat interaction, then Chat Interaction between the agent and the User is established.

e. The agent can use standard responses for the Chat Interaction with the User.

f. When the Chat Interaction is finished, the agent can set a disposition code to register the outcome of the Chat for reporting purposes.

g. If the User has provided his e-mail address during the registration process, then he will receive a transcript of the Chat Session via email.

h. The Chat Session can continue until User Ends the Chat Session.

For more details

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