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This is the main template used to capture view details in Cargo. Because of Cargo storage/parsing issues with the name of the SQLQuery field (which is populated by a parameter named "SQL"), this template does not format the display on View pages in the Library book. Instead, the display of all pages is controlled by Template:PDMViewPageFormat, which is called via Template:PDMPageQuery on this page. The query to construct the list of views, Template:PDMListQuery, uses this template as the criterion to identify the views to be included in the list.

JD note: The above-mentioned limitation has not been tested on Mintydocs. We may be able to simplify/streamline the way this template content displays. To be revisited.

Usage[edit source]

Call this template in the following format:


In addition to the Cargo markup, it includes the markup to format the display on Library book pages.

This template defines the table "PDMView". View table.

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