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This is the "GCXI_Report" template. It should be called in the following format:

|cloud = if no value, then default = yes
|premise = if no value, then default = yes
|project = 
|notproject = 
|displaysInFolder= if no value, then default = yes
|reportPage= name of the page in the User's Guide where the report is described

Edit the page to see the template text. This template defines the table "GCXI_Report". View table.

Note for template developer: The |displaysInFolder and |compatibleWith parameters are leftovers from preliminary design. The following usage was considered:

|displaysInFolder = (If applicable) A value of no for hidden objects. Or enter the name of another folder, for cases where a given object appears in another folder as a shortcut. Default = yes, treats the object as normally visible in its own folder. (Note that this usage is different from the displaysInFolder parameter in the metrics and attributes templates.)

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