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Draft:FieldSupport/Private/FieldGuide/AWSPMControl Vertical
Draft:FieldSupport/Private/FieldGuide/AzurePMControl Vertical
Draft:FieldSupport/Private/FieldGuide/Engage Cloud Approval Process Horizontal To achieve
  • Maximum confidence: field, delivery, customers
  • Positive customer experience
  • Referenceable customers
  • Quick Time-to-Revenue


  • Managing customer commitments
  • Planning customer deployments
  • Providing guidance to the Field when needed
Draft:FieldSupport/Private/FieldGuide/Engage Cloud Approval Process Vertical CAP outcome cap-outcome.png
Draft:FieldSupport/Private/FieldGuide/Engage Cloud Approval Process Vertical Engage CAP vs. CAP {| class="wikitable"

|+ !Same !New |- |

  • Technical feasibility approval is required for quoting
  • Solution Consultant owns the fulfillment of CAP
  • Capabilities set and other technical input
  • FCCRs
  • required for PM-Controlled and Planned capabilities
  • must be dispositioned by PM for submitting the request
  • Customizations must be approved by PM and PS
  • Escalation process
  • Questions? PureCloud Collaborate engageCAP group


  • CAP intake workflow in SFDC
    • replaces CAP project request PPT template
    • robust SC workflow for creating CAP requests
  • Approval workflow via SFDC
    • real-time visibility of the approval status
    • conditional rejection requires full review and re-approval
  • Regular process does not require a review call/meeting
    • case review could be requested by the account team or reviewers
  • 2x standing CAP meetings weekly (Wednesdays)
  • New CAP Alias –


Draft:FieldSupport/Private/FieldGuide/Engage Cloud Approval Process Vertical What is Engage Cloud Approval Process (CAP)?
  • CAP == “Cloud Approval Process”
  • Mandatory for all Engage Cloud deployments:
    • New customers
    • New capabilities for existing customers
Draft:FieldSupport/Private/FieldGuide/Private EditionPMControl Vertical