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Table structure:

  • Title - String
  • FirstPublished - Datetime
  • LastPublished - Datetime
  • ArticleNumber - String
  • Audience - String
  • Summary - Wikitext
  • Overview - Wikitext
  • Details - Wikitext
  • Environment - Wikitext
  • Supplemental - Wikitext
  • RelatedArticles - List of URL
  • Attachment - File
  • SiteArea - String

This table has 2 rows altogether.

Page Title FirstPublished LastPublished ArticleNumber Audience Summary Overview Details Environment Supplemental RelatedArticles Attachment SiteArea
Draft:CSDT/Current/KB/382469 Salesforce Docebo install October 6, 2021 8:24:32 PM November 12, 2021 6:43:37 PM 382469 Admin Docebo LMS Workflow.jpg

SFDC User:

Docebo Integration,

Connected Apps:

  • Set the Permitted Users option value to Admin approved users are pre-authorized
  • Move to the Profile related list and define the users’ profiles that will be able to access the platform.

Docebo Tab

  • Select Docebo Tab
  • Insert the URL of your Docebo platform
  • Paste the Secret Key automatically generated by your platform
  • Click Activate
Docebo Site1
Draft:CSDT/Current/KB/749894 Docebo Contact Sync October 6, 2021 8:28:07 PM November 12, 2021 6:43:48 PM 749894 Admin How to setup Contact Sync in Docebo Salesforce App

Contact List

Sync is filtered by Contact List view.  We only sync external contacts.  Internal staff are synced as User records.

Contact permissions = Education,PartnerCommunity,CustomerCommunity

Docebo Contact List1.jpg

Docebo Contact List2.jpg

Contact field Mapping

Warning: Prior to making any changes, you must clear all mappings and re-map every field.

Docebo SFDC
Username Docebo Username (custom field that equals email address)
Last Name Last Name
First Name First Name
Email Email
SFDC Country Mailing Country
Business Title Title
Region Country Region
SFDC Preferred Language Preferred Language
Primary Offering Primary Offering
SFDC Account Record Type Account Record Type
Company Name Account: Name
SFDC Job Function Job Function (Function__C)
SFDC Account Prospective Partner Type Account: Prospective Partner Type

Contact Import Options

Docebo Contact Import Options.jpg

Docebo Site2
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