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Genesys Voice Services

Telephony Connection Options

Open Platform

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Canonical Information

Platform Challenge and Solution

Platform Challenge: While new communication channels continue to crop up, the importance of voice remains. But physical hardware and network maintenance can be cumbersome and doesn't scale well. Meanwhile, your business is growing and today's needs may not be the same as next year's needs.

Platform Solution: A wide variety of voice services connectivity options can provide ultimate flexibility and choice—so whether you want to use the same vendor for your contact center solution and voice services, or you prefer to bring your own carrier and manage your own costs, you're able to keep up with your business' shifting needs, all while extending cloud benefits across the business to provide speed, stability and agility.

Platform Benefits

The following benefits are based on benchmark information captured from Genesys customers and may vary based on industry or lines of business:

Canonical Benefit Explanation
Reduced Administration Costs Easily purchase and provision new phone numbers directly within an intuitive administrative interface.
Reduced Deployment Costs Continue using your existing telephony investments, or a cost-effective carrier contract. The Genesys Cloud CX platform is interoperable with third-party cloud or premises PBX.
Reduced IT Operational Costs With a zero-hardware footprint, IT teams can realize a reduction in communications hardware and network maintenance.

High Level Flow

High Level Flow Steps

  1. Our customer's customer calls an 800 # or DID for sales or support assistance.
  2. PSTN routes the call to the appropriate cloud carrier that the 800 # is registered.
  3. Cloud Carrier connects to Genesys Cloud CX Media Tier & Trunking Services over the Internet.
  4. Call is connected to a Genesys Cloud CX ACD or Business user via the Internet.

Data Sheet Image

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Canonical Sales Content


  • Head of IT Infrastructure

Qualifying Questions

  1. Are you interested in consolidating the number of vendors you work with? Or are you interested in keeping your existing carrier or PBX infrastructure?
  2. How easy is it to acquire and provision new numbers, of deploy new users or offices?
  3. Is internet latency or remote survivability a concern?

Pain Points (Business Context)

  • Difficulty scaling business communications
  • Overhead related to infrastructure and network maintenance

Desired State - How to Fix It

  • Carrier flexibility to support global growth; ability to easily add new users and offices
  • Reduce hardware and network needs

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