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nGAGEMENT is a cloud-based performance management and employee engagement solution that gamifies your contact center.


nGAGEMENT uses game mechanics, recognition, and social media concepts to influence agent behavior. It exploits our natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status, and recognition to build motivation and improve employee engagement. Through rewards and recognition, nGAGEMENT encourages agents to:

  • Collaborate with other agents
  • Challenge their colleagues to be their best
  • Track their progress
  • Self-correct and manage their performance
  • Earn points, badges, cheers, and sparks
  • Engage with customers at more advanced stages in their journey
  • Accept more complex interactions

About Genesys Cloud CX

Genesys Cloud CX is a suite of cloud services for enterprise-grade communications, collaboration, and contact center management. It’s built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses a distributed cloud environment that provides secure access to organizations around the world with a marginal IT footprint.

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