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Titles and Taxonomy

Main Title Subtitle Taxonomy Product Category Draft Published Edit

Genesys Performance Management

Identify and compare employee performance

Employee Engagement

Workforce Engagement

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Canonical Information

Platform Challenge and Solution

Platform Challenge: Identifying top performing employees and business units is a challenge when this data is spread across multiple back-end systems. Not having consolidated performance data makes it difficult to reward success and target individual training to fill knowledge gaps.

Platform Solution: Create a single source of truth for understanding employee performance. By consolidating data from disparate systems, you can more easily identify performance benchmarks. This centralized view across the enterprise helps identify top performers and highlights critical KPIs to target specific individual and group training.

Platform Benefits

The following benefits are based on benchmark information captured from Genesys customers and may vary based on industry or lines of business:

Canonical Benefit Explanation
Improved Customer Experience A consolidated view helps improve overall company performance and directly impacts customer service.
Improved Employee Utilization Target individual employee training for performance impact.
Reduced Employee Attrition Reward top performers and facilitate individual training.

High Level Flow

High Level Flow Steps

  1. Prepare employee data for import
  2. Import KPI and performance data
  3. Build the high performer DNA blueprint - Use business objectives and high performers KPIs to set threshold and targets
  4. Map employees to a blueprint for their role
  5. Identify any gaps in individual performances
  6. Measure performance - KPIs and metrics will be collected, reviewed and fed back into the cycle

Data Sheet Image

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Canonical Sales Content


  • Contact Center Supervisor / Manager
  • Head of Contact Center(s)
  • Head of Customer Experience

Qualifying Questions

  1. Do you have a consolidated view of employee performance?
  2. Can you easily compare employee performance across your enterprise?
  3. Are you able to pinpoint the KPIs that will have the greatest impact on performance?

Pain Points (Business Context)

  • Operational performance data is spread across multiple systems (e.g. quality assurance, learning management, human resources, call routing and workload management systems)
  • No single source of truth for understanding good performance
  • Consolidated performance data not presented to employees or their managers to facilitate coaching
  • Consolidated performance data not presented to training and development teams to facilitate ongoing training
  • Consolidated performance data not presented to senior executives and stakeholders to facilitate operational governance

Desired State - How to Fix It

  • Have a centralized view of employee performance across the enterprise
  • Create job role profiles directly aligned to business goals
  • View individual employee performance to target coaching or development
  • Compare your departments, branches, business units, centres to identify top, mid and low performance.

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