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Titles and Taxonomy

Main Title Subtitle Taxonomy Product Category Draft Published Edit

Genesys Schedule-based Routing

Enable schedule-based routing

Employee Engagement

Workforce Engagement

No draft

Canonical Information

Platform Challenge and Solution

Platform Challenge: Ensuring that employees adhere to their schedules is a headache for contact center leaders. When staff are late taking breaks or starting different scheduled work, it impacts your service levels, your sales revenues and your costs.

Platform Solution: Routing interactions based on your workforce management schedules and staff skills can help ensure a better balanced workload for employees and improved schedule adherence.

Platform Benefits

The following benefits are based on benchmark information captured from Genesys customers and may vary based on industry or lines of business:

Canonical Benefit Explanation
Reduced Administration Costs Deliver schedule adherence to eliminate costs associated with manual schedule adjustments.
Reduced Interaction Abandonment Have staff working when scheduled to better match resources to forecasted demand.
Reduced Overtime Costs Ensure schedule adherence to reduce the need for unplanned and unwanted overtime.

High Level Flow

High Level Flow Steps

  1. The customer interaction / work item arrives
  2. The required skills are identified
  3. The routing engine consults the schedule
  4. Skilled and scheduled employees are identified
  5. Availability is identified and the interaction is routed
  6. Check if timeout has been reached
  7. The target group is expanded

Data Sheet Image

EE04 - genesys schedule-based routing - header (2).png

Canonical Sales Content


  • Contact Center Supervisor / Manager
  • Head of Contact Center(s)
  • Head of Workforce Planning

Qualifying Questions

  1. Can you avoid sending interactions to ataff who are about to go on their scheduled breaks, or right when their shift ends?
  2. Are your staff satisfied with the how their workforce schedules are enforced?
  3. Can you route a variety of work to your staff throughout the workday?

Pain Points (Business Context)

  • Employees receive interaction types that do not match their schedule
  • Employees miss their breaks or shift ends
  • Frequent unplanned overtime drives higher operating cost (increased overtime)
  • Unplanned overtime increases employee stress, dissatisfaction and attrition

Desired State - How to Fix It

  • Route interactions to employees who are actually scheduled for the activity / interaction type
  • Avoid sending interactions with long average handle times before a break starts or a shift ends
  • Eliminate / reduce the number of skill changes needed to ensure appropriate coverage
  • Offer a better (or the right) mix of activities to keep employees engaged (variety)

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