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Titles and Taxonomy

Main Title Subtitle Taxonomy Product Category Draft Published Edit

Genesys Shrinkage Management

Improve operational effectiveness by better managing agent non-working time

Employee Engagement

Workforce Engagement

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Canonical Information

Platform Challenge and Solution

Platform Challenge: Your contact center has many locations, time zones, and employees. Managing shrinkage with a spreadsheet based approach isn't working. Shrinkage is eroding the amount of time agents spend handling customer interactions which leads to increased operational expense, reduced service levels, and customer churn.

Platform Solution: Genesys WFM Solution improves forecast and schedule accuracy by including shrinkage in the plan. Schedule adherence, a primary cause of shrinkage, tracks variances between target and actual employee availability. With accurate workforce scheduling you can deliver higher service levels at lower operating costs.

Platform Benefits

The following benefits are based on benchmark information captured from Genesys customers and may vary based on industry or lines of business:

Canonical Benefit Explanation
Improved Employee Utilization Accurate forecasting and scheduling better match staffing resources with demand.
Reduced Customer Churn Deliver a consistent customer experience that builds loyalty with accurate workforce scheduling.
Reduced Handle Time Proper workforce planning ensures the right skilled agents are available to handle interactions.

High Level Flow

High Level Flow Steps

  1. Create a new forecast using the forecasting wizard
  2. Open overhead view and enter shrinkage percentage or alternatively use a saved template
  3. Define the SLA goals
  4. Generate the forecast
  5. Adjust the forecast based on employee and supervisor feedback
  6. Publish the forecast and notify the planning team

Data Sheet Image

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Canonical Sales Content


  • Head of Contact Center(s)
  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Workforce Planning

Qualifying Questions

  1. What difficulties do you have tracking planned/unplanned shrinkage?
  2. How regularly are SLA goals missed as a result of staffing issues?
  3. Does your current forecasting/scheduling method allow you to run ‘what-if-scenarios’ or accommodate for external events?

Pain Points (Business Context)

  • Inability to consistently meet SLA across activities and work types
  • Inability to track/manage shrinkage as part of the forecast process
  • Low customer satisfaction due to excessive wait times and low first contact resolution
  • Low employee engagement due to high work pressure, receiving interaction types they cannot handle and ever changing schedules
  • High workforce costs due to overstaffing
  • Poor CX due to understaffing
  • Real performance/SLA not in line with forecast/schedule prediction

Desired State - How to Fix It

  • Create an accurate forecast across all activities/queues that includes ability to track shrinkage by using a template or manually entering shrinkage data
  • Gain better insight into effectiveness of several forecasting/scheduling scenarios
  • Automatically gather shrinkage data for accurate forecasting from contact center platform
  • Real time insight into cross channel intraday SLA & schedule adherence

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