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Altocloud is a cloud-based, AI-powered customer engagement solution that analyzes visitors' behaviors on websites, predicts the outcomes visitors are trying to achieve, and personalizes engagements to help visitors achieve those outcomes.

Proactively engage visitors

Too often visitors abandon carts, customers remain frustrated on websites, or prospects leave websites unchallenged. These scenarios lead to missed leads, lost revenue, and increased calls to the contact center. Through its use of artificial intelligence, journey analytics, and machine learning, Altocloud allows you to engage with the right visitors at the right time, whether they be high-value customers or prospects who are truly need help completing a purchase transaction. For example, if a visitor abandons their online shopping cart, Altocloud proactively offers a chat to connect the visitor to a rep who can guide them through the purchase process. Altocloud does more than just intelligently route calls: it ensures your resources focus on the most valuable and rewarding inquiries.

Provide the best assistance

Altocloud helps agents and sales reps provide the right level of assistance to prospects and customers:

  • First, when a prospect or customer is on your website, Altocloud uses journey analytics to match the prospect or customer to the appropriate segments. These segments identify the likely interests, shopping preferences, and buying behaviors of this customer based on similar previous customers.
  • Next, when Altocloud proactively offers a chat to the prospect or customer, the chat is personalized using the insights from this data analysis.
  • Finally, when a customer accepts a chat offer, the sales rep or agent has full visibility into the customer's journey up to that point. This information enables the sales rep or agent to better understand the customer's needs, connect with them on a meaningful level, and effectively provide the needed assistance.
Altocloud proactively offers a chat only if an agent is available to provide further assistance. Customers won't get frustrated waiting for someone who isn't there.

Improve over time

Over time, machine learning continues to adjust and improve the engagement model as Altocloud engages with more prospects and customers.

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