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|Platform=PureEngage, PureConnect, PureCloud
|Platform=PureEngage, PureConnect, PureCloud

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A content offer is a type of Altocloud action that enables you to deliver personalized offers to your website visitors.


Feature overview

TEST Let's say you're doing travel research on a travel site. As you're about to leave the website in search of a better deal elsewhere, a pop-up window appears. It says that if you book now, you'll receive 10% off.

That's a content offer. And the point of a content offer is to engage you and then prompt you to take some sort of action (book a trip, in this example).

You use Altocloud to build content offers for the scenario outlined above and for almost anything that requires a website visitor's buy in or consent - for example, sign up for an event, subscribe to the newsletter, try a new product, and so on.

How it works

Before you begin

Create the content offer

Publish the content offer

When you finish creating the content offer, click Save and publish to publish the content offer immediately.

Note: If you're not ready to publish the content offer, you can click Save as draft and change the status from Draft to Published later on. See the Change the status of an action section of the Action Library page for more information.

Link the content offer to an action map

Manage a content offer


Once you've created a content offer, you can manage it in a number of ways: